I am dedicated to bringing healing to wounded souls by assisting them on a journey into their hearts, where they will find their true soul, their life’s desire and purpose while returning to their true nature as radiant beings of light and love. My prayers always are: Please, God, let those I can serve find me. God is the healer.


About Janice

Janice Pic TwoBS Degree Business Education
Healing Practitioner Body Code/Emotion Code (find me on www.healerslibrary.com (Practitioner)
Releasing Toxic Emotions Facilitator, Dr. Dawn Clark
Dr. Dawn Clark’s Re-Set Your Wealth Gene, Clearing Toxic Emotions, Repairing Core Fractures, Hidden Playbook for Life, The Relationship Lifeline, The Antidote,
Energy Clearing: Physical/Emotional/Spiritual/Sexual/Ritual Abuse
Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Advanced Awakening Dynamics Practitioner
Advanced Theta Healing & Neuro Link Re-Set Practitioner
HeartMath Institute Graduate, Graduate Classes also
Metatronia Therapy Practitioner
Dr. Sue Morter Energy Work Practitioner
Christie Marie Sheldon, Unlimited Abundance, Spiritual Tools Kit
Quantum Energy Transformation Practitioner
Quantum Allergy Release Practitioner
Certified Age Clearing Practitioner
Being Reiki Practitioner
BioAcoustic Research Assistant
Acupressure, Mental/Emotional Detox
2nd Level QiGong Master
Self-Created Health, Dr. Richard Gordon
Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simple with Dr. Carolyn Cooper
Hakomi Methods Essentials
Tao Tan Acupressure, 4 years study
Julie Renee: No. 1 Brain Rejuvenator (many of these are Apprentice Level)
100% You
100% Bliss
100% Body
100% Clear Apprentice Level Training
100% Energy
100% You Full Body Ownership
100% Vitality Apprentice Level
Accelerate Wealth Jump Start
Awakening the Healthy Human
Balance Your Life Now
Bladder Health
Brain Regeneration
Breast Health Training
Brilliant Brain
Four Pillars of Human Mastery
Happy Chemistry Apprentice
Healing from Trauma
Design Your DNA
Divine Connection Apprentice Level
Divine Human Blueprint
DNA Clearing
Essence: Restoring Your Spirit and Soul Life Force
From Fatigue to Fabulous
Free From Struggle
Grow Younger
How to Meditate
Illumination Today
Karma Clearing
Light Body Apprentice Level
Live Longer/Cell Regeneration Made Easy
Nerve Regeneration
New Beginnings
No More Ghosts
Opening to the Light
Quantum Healing Secrets
Quantum Success
Quiet Your Mind
Regeneration Healing Glands of Brain
Rejuvenation Secrets
Relationships Freedom
Removing Violence and Abuse from your Field
Restoring Your Energy Body
Seven Stages of Love
Overcoming Insomnia
Overcoming Stress
Quantum Mind
Quantum Rejuvenation
Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Parasites and How to Be Free of All Pests
The Sound of Truth
Unlimited Love
Seeing Clearly
Your Integration Program Essence
Your Light Body
Your Quantum Healing Secrets
Quantum Energy Transformation Practitioner

Quantum Allergy Release Practitioner
Certified Age Clearing Practitioner
Compassionate Key and Light Worker Programs
Tune Your Energy for Success Jeffrey Allen
Sonya Choquette, connecting with the spirit realm and 6th Sensory Wisdom
Echo Bodine, Opening psychic skills
Christel Hughes, Emotional Security System, Energetic Management System, Gateway to the Soul
Elma Mayer: Seven Stages of Healing
Judy Satori: The Sound of Light
Dr. Steve Jones: Past Life Regression; NLP
Shift Network: Spiritual Nutrition and Healing, David Crow (background in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine – which I have studied also)



Sessions for Clearing Toxic Emotions are usually an hour or whenever the session feels complete. There cannot be any other modalities done with this specific work. It is set up differently. Please contact me for a free complimentary session and we can discuss additional sessions and how they will play out.

Other sessions are usually an hour or whenever the session feels complete. Please contact me for a free complimentary 15 minute session to get a taste of energy work and quantum field healing. Sessions are $97 per hour.


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Additional Info

After being deathly ill in 1988 and not being able to receive any assistance from the medical field, I turned to alternative methods. I studied for years and followed many modalities and instructors.

Some of my favorites are: Dr. Caroline Myss spiritual foundations for 30 years and Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins, Core Fractures/Toxic Emotions Classes Dr. Dawn Clark, Studied with Mashhur Anam, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Alberto Villoldo, Four Winds Society, Joan Borysenko, Donna Eden, Eckhart Tolle, Brain specialists on NAICBM with Dr. Ruth Buczynski, read numerous books, listened to tapes from Nightingale Conant and Sounds True, Dr. Eric Pearl – reconnection, Wayne Perry, Dr. Valerie Hunt and a myriad of other teachers.

I read and studied so much during four years of talk therapy, my therapist said I had the equivalent of a PhD in Counseling – just not the pigskin. However, I had something greater: the experience.

I was a very popular speaker and author before I got deathly ill in 1988 with the worst possible vertigo and there was absolutely no help from the medical field. I prayed a thousand times a day to die. It was a dark night of the soul where I learned I didn’t make the decisions. I was under a higher power to which I finally surrendered before I began a healing journey that led me to do energy release and spiritual work with others and myself.

In 1998, when I was given the gift of being able to see the energy of the sun, I was told I was a light worker and a ray of light to this world, which I had hidden because of the walls I had built and the masks I had worn from my heavy background of sexual abuse with five major perpetrators. I lived a life filled with fear and wishing to be disintegrated before my dark night of the soul when I was lifted from my dark abyss and found the light.

My life’s purpose and desire is to assist others to heal and to be able to return to their true resonant frequency as a radiant being of light and love.

I am the mother of nine children – two sets of twins, a set of triplets (born in 4+ years) and 2 singletons. I love teaching and working with teenagers. I love learning. I love traveling my spiritual journey. I swim 3-6 times a week and do P.A.C.E. exercise three times a week.

I am working on a new book entitled Heidi’s Light, which has a message for all ages.