Janice Weinheimer

Janice Weinheimer is an author, healer and an Energy Healing Practitioner. She has an intense desire to be of assistance to those who have been abused. Her goal is to give hope to those who have suffered much as she has. Our history does impact us, but as Caroline Myss says: “Our biography does not have to be our biology”. Janice's hope is that she may contribute to the healing of those who have been abused.






The Illness That Healed Me

Janice M Weinheimer's life was full and very busy as she raised her children and tended to a burgeoning career as a writer and speaker. All that changed in January 1988, when the author was suddenly bedridden with a mysterious malady. In The Illness That Healed Me, Ms. Weinheimer reveals how, as she struggles to regain her health, memories that she had blocked come flooding back. As she realizes she is a survivor of sexual abuse, her life is irrevocably altered. In this brave woman's quest to purge her demons, the author discovers a path that she will continue to follow and learn from, with no end in sight

Families Are Forever

When Janice and Gerald Weinheimer brought their last baby, Tanya, home from the hospital, she was met there by Jackie, Julie, and Wendy, age four; Kerry and Kyle, age six; Debbie and Eric, age eight; and Beckie, age ten. All the neighborhood kids? Not quite. All the Weinheimers- one single child, two sets of twins and a set of triplets. How do two parents cope with all those children? How did they afford food and clothing for so many all at once? How on earth did they handle them at church? And what about when the toddles became teenagers – how did they keep track of them? What kinds of rules did they have? Families are Forever… answers these and many other questions about rearing a large happy family.


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